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Project: Art-School
Adress: Rua Dr. Miguel Bombarda
Sena Architects- all foto's Copyright
© Sena Architects


About the project:

The Art School in Olhao (the building still excists, but not as an Art-School anymore),  was set up as a place totally conducive to exploring the creative process.  The school was made up of two houses, The School House and The Pool House,  both sympathetically renovated by David Clarke (AKA Bazil) – founder of the school. After entering the front door of The School House, you find a large comfortable, sitting/dining room, well appointed for groups. A large kitchen is off to the left.

Both houses were on multi levels….the School House with eight bedrooms (en-suite) could comfortably accommodate up to 16 people, and the Pool House, with four bedrooms (en-suite) could sleep up to nine.


From the sitting/dining room you moved through into two internal courtyards where there was/is a beautiful one hundred and fifty year old olive tree that meanders up through the different levels of the school to the top of the building. Internal and outside stairs meandered up to the different levels….culminating on the roof where there was/is a small swimming pool, and superb views of The Pool House next door and surrounding rooftops.


At this level there was/is a panoramic view of the town with its Moorish style houses.

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