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Pires & Brito Tour 

Buildings from Architect Manuel Gomes da Costa (1921-2016) designed for Pires & Brito at Faro (Algarve). 


Click here to go the site with the Pires & Brito Tour

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MOMO in Faro

MOMO stands for Modernist Movement. As a candidate for the Portuguese Capital of Culture 2027, Faro wanted to present itself as the city of Modernist Architecture in Southern Europe. Faro has about 500 buildings with a unique modernist style that are highly adapted to the climate of the Algarve.

Unfortunately Faro was not "one of the last nominated candidates", but the result was a nice brochure with an overview of the influences of the Modern Movement in Faro from around 1925.


Click here to download the brochure about MOMA in FARO 

Video Modernist Weekend
11-12-13 Nov. 2022

Video with an impression about the Architectural Tour during the first Modernist Weekend on 11-12-13 November 2022 at Faro.

The mission is to celebrate and promote '50 architecture by encouraging preservation and knowledge through walking tours, open houses, networking, design and art shows.


The buildings and houses of interest are mostly built between the '50s and '70s.

10-11-12 Nov. 2023 a new Modernist Weekend is planned. For more information see:

Faro - The Tour (gesleept)_edited.jpg

Map Architectural Tour


On this Map you find the locations and information about some interesting Modernist Architecture in Faro from the MOMA program. Enjoy the Tour.


Click here to go to the Map  of the  Tour with some interesting Modernist Architecture in Faro (Eng.)

The Modernist Architecture Walking Tour



The Modernist Architecture Walking Tour can be followed by using the App: PocketSights, which can be downloaded at the bottom of this page.

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