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Modernist Architecture in  Loulé

Here you find the Map of the Architectural Tour in Loulé with "Modernist" "50-60 projects by architect Manuel Laginha and contemporaries in Loulé. We also pay some attention to projects in Quarteira / Salir and the Monument of Eng. Duarte Pacheco who - honored in his hometown Loulé - was Minister of Public Works & Communication and had a great influence by setting up important infrastructural works and the organization of the Portuguese World Exhibition in 1940.


Click here to go to the Map: Modernist Architecture in Loulé (Algarve)  & More

Manuel Laginha:
Pioneer of Modern Architecture in the Algarve in the1950s-'60s 

Article about the architect Manuel Laginha (1919-1985) who is undoubtedly one of the most active and best-known  architect of the '50-'60 generation in the Algarve


Download here the article about Manuel Laginha and his projects in Loulé (English)

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