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Cubist Architecture City Tour Olhão

This is a Try-Out Discovery Tour to introduce you to some renovated "Cubist Architecture" of Olhão. Most of the projects are in te old fisherman neighborhoods of "Barreta" and "Levante". Click on the buttons in the map above & than on the website that pops up to discover some beautiful renovated houses in Olhåo. Mostly transformed & renovated to an AL (Alojamento Local), but also just for living or other purposes. When you click on the projects (on the left & only on a cumputer or an iPad) you will see their location on the map. 
Enjoy your tour & have fun !!!

The majority of the photos and drawings of the tour are from the websites of the architects & the owners and belong to their Copyrights ©.

Casa do Gaibeu.jpg
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